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I am a software engineer specialized in Big Data with a growing interest in AI/ML/DL.
In my everyday work, I am involved in cloud computing and data management in general, including the use of open data, issues related to the capture, storage, retrieval, sharing, analysis and visualization of big data, and finally make sense of data with the semantic Web. I define myself as a technical person and I love getting my hands in the code.

Pascal GILLET Software & Data Architect

22 Rue des Bouches du Rhône
31500 Toulouse, France
Big Data Cloud Computing Machine Learning Deep Learning
Work experience
Occupation or position held
Big Data & Cloud Architect
Since May 2018
Toulouse, France
Big Data Cloud
Name of employer
Type of business or sector
IT mastery

Occupation or position held
Solutions Architect
From June 2014 to May 2018
Toulouse, France
Big Data Machine Learning Semantic Web
Name of employer
Type of business or sector
Consulting & IT services
Main activities & responsibilities
  • Functional architecture
  • R & D in the fields of Big Data, Linked Data, Semantic Web, NoSQL
  • Definition of a data management platform with Semantic Web technologies
  • MIPF on behalf of Airbus Defense & Space: Management and development of a large-scale computer cluster for processing satellite images
OpenStack Mesos Spark Docker Beats Kafka Elasticsearch LogstashKibana Google Cloud Platform

Occupation or position held
Founder of Glue project
From september 2013 to june 2014
Events Semantic Web Data curation Information Retrieval
Type of business or sector
Entrepreneurship, Startup
Main activities & responsibilities
Development of a platform of data curation for cultural events.
The goal is to build a geolocated search engine that promotes discovery of cultural events around, and provides a greater visibility and legibility of content (texts, documents, images, videos, sounds ...) than classic event directories (FNAC, France Billet, Digitick).
The idea was proposed to several incubators for startups in the area of Toulouse, without success.
Java JEE JSF Apache Tomee REST MySQL Apache Solr Apache OpenNLP Quartz Scheduler Maven GitHub Android

Occupation or position held
Research internship
From March to August 2013
IRIT - UMR 5505, Toulouse, France
Semantic Web Ontology Matching Query Patterns
Generating Query Patterns from Ontology Matching: Application in a Semantic Web Querying Interface based in Patterns
In the context of the SWIP Question Answering system that queries an RDF database from questions formulated in natural language
Internship Memoir Internship Memoir
See also Publications

Occupation or position held
Technical Manager
From April 2011 to September 2012
Toulouse, France
Electronic Flight Folder
Name of employer
Type of business or sector
Consulting & IT services
Main activities & responsibilities
Development Monitoring, Continuous Integration, Design & Architecture, Configuration Management
Java JEE Hudson Subversion Maven Spring Hibernate RMI Swing
Functional aspects
The embedded application EFF (Electronic Flight Folder) is dedicated to airline pilots and contains all flight documents and related data such as the operational flight plan, weather, weather maps, NOTAMs, etc. in a standardized data structure.

Occupation or position held
Domain Leader Back Office
From October 2009 to April 2011
Casablanca, Morocco
FLIGHT OPS FOSP Publisher Preview Ninja LPC Classic
Name of employer
Type of business or sector
Consulting & IT services
Main activities & responsibilities
Development Monitoring, Management of developer teams, Synchronization with Domain Leader Front Office
Java JEE Jira Subversion Maven Spring Hibernate XML XSLT RMI Swing
Functional aspects
Software suite for the publication of operational aircraft manuals from XML to HTML.

From April 2009 to September 2009
Australian interlude

Occupation or position held
Software engineer
From June 2007 to April 2009
Toulouse, France with missions in Cameroon and New Caledonia
Telecoms Billing
Name of employer
Type of business or sector
Consulting & IT services
Main activities & responsibilities
Development, Design & Architecture, Technical Management, Java/JEE support
Java JEE JSP Servlet Tomcat HTML CSS JavaScript Maven Ant Struts CVS
Functional aspects
Telecommunications billing and customer care systems: Alcatel combines billing solutions, like BSCS of LHS or Convergys, with its home-made applications, project management and integration skills to provide end-to-end billing solutions to all telecom carriers (fixed and mobile), from customer management to network interaction.
  • Post and Telecommunications Office of New Caledonia: OPT is the government agency in charge of the postal service and telecommunications in New Caledonia.
    • Specific Modules: Back-office web application providing billing and payment operations on top of BSCS, keeping a record of the organization’s sales and purchase transactions, and producing invoices, receipts and reports.
    • Self care: Front office web application allowing post-paid subscribers to manage their billing and account information, such as viewing their account balances and payment histories.
    June/July 2007: Mission in Nouméa, New Caledonia, for integration and development on the fly.
  • Orange Cameroon: Stock (Inventory) management web application accessible from the Orange stores in all Cameroon, allowing creation of purchase order requests, product life cycle management and reporting; operating with the Alcatel's cashier application for product selling.
    September 2008: Mission in Douala, Cameroon, for integration and test with the customer.
  • Angola Telecom: Adaptation of the Alcatel's billing suite solution previously put forward to Orange Cameroon and Orange Ivory Coast.
    • Responsible for organizing software resources (Oracle, BSCS on development & integration environments)
    • Responsible for making a prototype demo by simply adapting the products to english and portuguese languages (internationalization) and changing the visual appearance in compliance with the customer's visual identity
    • Promoted use of CVS branching and merging to maintain multiple versions of a product for providing support and new features while a generic abstract version is kept into the main trunk
Other activities
Member of the techno cluster "JEE Best Practices".
Recognizing potential reuse in the organization or in the existent Alcatel’s applications, making these diverse systems able to work together (inter-operate) and promoting standardization during the design of software components:
  • Made ready-to-use project templates embedding common tools and libraries
  • Implemented sample applications as a good starting point for Alcatel's applications
  • Implemented a reusable BSCS login module (JAAS) for the authentication and authorization of users
  • Implemented a library achieving logging separation, i.e. distinct configuration of multiple web applications while sharing the logging binaries in the Servlet container (or any JEE environment)

Occupation or position held
Software Engineer
From September 2003 to May 2007
Toulouse, France
Name of employer
Type of business or sector
Consulting & IT services
Main activities & responsibilities
Analysis, design & development of the application, Keep up to date project documentation, Help desk, Project management for a business sub-component
Java JEE JBoss Websphere Oracle JSP Servlet CVS
Functional aspects
Software Ground Repository (SGR): web server utility accessible from the Airbus and EADS networks (France, Germany, Spain) allowing to manage and distribute operation flight software programs and other forms of software used within the airline organization. It includes software validation, software receiving and distribution.
  • Storage of large amount of software
  • Integration with various external applications (SAP)
  • Multi aircraft programs: A380, A400M, etc.
  • Full-time availability
Other boring details
Release 4: proposal and implementation of an architecture overhaul due to a performance degradation caused by an increasing activity and a monolithic architecture implemented on earlier prototype based solutions (poor mechanisms for file locking, then worked poorly with multiple users):
  • Business logic components: EJB allowing concurrency control & transaction processing
  • Application servers: JBoss (development), WebSphere (integration & production environments)
  • Persistence layer: Hibernate
  • RDBMS: Oracle
  • Storage of raw data representing software in BLOBs
  • Messaging service (JMS) for asynchronous data transfer (data mirroring) and operation notification
Proposal and implementation of the FLS library covering the ARINC specification. The library aims to read, write and validate Field Loadable Softwares by ensuring data integrity and authenticity. It has been primarily used within the architecture quoted above but can be reused for other applications within the airline organization as this file format is very widespread at it.

Occupation or position held
Internship at the Ground Facilities Sub-Directorate, Launchers Directorate
From April 2002 to October 2002
Evry, France
Neural Networks Machine Learning
Name of employer
Type of business or sector
CNES is the French national space agency. CNES is responsible for shaping France's space policy, presenting it to the government, and implementing it.
Main activities & responsibilities
Feasibility study of an information system for help to diagnosis in real time based on neural networks techniques.
Or how to be 15 years ahead of the fashion of Deep Learning
Functional aspects
Providing help for decision-making to keyboard operators watching the Ariane 5 rocket during the launch phase in the Operations room of the Guiana Space Centre (Practical study on the hydraulic systems)
Other details
  • Working environment: Study of different software solutions dedicated to data flow analysis in real time (neural networks, non-linear regressions)
  • Realizations:
    • Preprocessing Java tool for historized data of fly campaigns from filing equipment of Command Control (process interface) to build a coherent and stable corpus
    • Java multi-layer perceptron (delta rule, gradient descent) to demonstrate that artificial neural networks alone are relevant for the given goal
From 2012 to 2013
IRIT, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France
Information Retrieval Search Engine Indexing Data Mining Multidimensional Databases Mobile Databases Semantic Web
Master of Research in Computing & Telecommunications
Information Retrieval, Databases & Multimedia
5th year of university

From 2001 to 2002
ISIAL, Henri Poincaré University, Nancy I, France
Institute of higher education in the field of applied information sciences and technologies
Databases Advanced Programming Project Processes & Methodologies Artificial Intelligence
Master of Sciences in Software Engineering
5th year of university
  1. Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer, Google, 2019
  2. Google Cloud Associate Engineer, Google, 2018
  3. Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundation, Udacity, 2018
  4. Scalable Machine Learning, edX, 2015
  5. Machine Learning, Coursera, 2014
  1. Pascal Gillet, Cassia Trojahn, Ollivier Haemmerlé. Réécriture de patrons de requêtes à l’aide d’alignements d’ontologies, PFIA2013, Ingénierie des Connaissances, Qualité & Robustesse pour le Web de données, Lille 2013
  2. Pascal Gillet, Cassia Trojahn, Ollivier Haemmerlé, Camille Pradel. Complex Correspondences for Query Patterns Rewriting, Ontology Matching 2013, Sydney
Technical skills
Advanced programming Java, Python
Platform for general use Java SE (Standard Edition)
Platform for server programming Java EE (Enterprise Edition)
Cloud OpenStack, Google Cloud Platform, Libcloud, Mesos
Big Data Hadoop, Spark, Kafka
Search Solr, Elasticsearch
Containerization Docker
Web documents HTML, XHTML
Semantic Web RDF, SPARQL, OWL
Presentation description CSS
Client-side scripting JavaScript, JQuery
Dynamic Web content JSP/Servlets, JSF
Servlet container Apache Tomcat
Inversion of Control/Dependency Injection Spring
Databases Data modelling, relational model, SQL query language, NoSQL
Structured data XML, JSON
Software project management Ant, Maven
Version control system Git, Gitlab
Personal activities
Hiking, Climbing Running Badminton Snowboard